Three of the Best Beauty Travel Tips

Are you planning to go on an awesome vacation this summer? Excellent! Well, it is for your relaxation and mental health anyway; maybe not so much for your skin. But before you go packing your entire beauty arsenal into your largest suitcase, take a look at these easy ways to maintain great skin in a new location, without breaking your back or budget (those checked-baggage fees can kill you!).

Get plenty of sleep before you get to your destination.

Not only will it help with jet lag if you’re traveling through time zones, but it will keep you fresh-faced throughout your trip. Have a hard time sleeping in the car or in the air? Bring earplugs if you’re a light sleeper, and use an eye mask to block out light from the windows. (It’ll also protect the skin around your eyes from UV rays while you sleep.)

If you still can’t fall asleep, use cool compresses such as ice packs — wrap ‘em in a paper towel so it’s not freezing cold — to ward off puffiness, then dot concealer under your eyes and blend it in. Make sure to apply eye cream or a rejuvenating cream that is safe for use around the eyes before you hit the hay for real, which will help keep bags away the next day.

Bring products with multiple uses.

With all the stuff you have to pack for your trip, you want to avoid taking up a ton of space with bottles and bags filled with makeup and skin care products. Instead, use products that can do multiple things — such as a tinted face moisturizer, or lip balm that can be used as a cheek stain — to save room in your luggage.

That’s not exclusive to your organic beauty products either! A light scarf or pashmina can keep you warm if the plane is chilly, and it can also double as a bathing suit cover-up or a means of protecting your shoulders from the sun while sight-seeing.

Be on your best behavior.

Your skin already has to adjust to a new temperature, atmosphere and humidity level, so prevent adult acne breakouts by making the transition as easy as possible. Remove your makeup at the end of every day — or better yet, apply as little as possible in the first place. If you’re already prone to breakouts, keep your hands away from your face, so your fingers won’t spread dirt or bacteria.

While you’re at it, bring a moisturizing cream and blotting sheets in your carry-on. Even if you don’t normally need these for your skin, different atmospheres and locations may make your skin feel drier or more oily than normal. Better to bring them and not need them than to be kicking yourself for not packing that face moisturizer or other dry skin remedies!

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